Are patterns easily modified within your software?
Yes! We have integrated tools within our cloud-based software that allow you to make adjustments to our kits to suit your business/installation techniques.
Can I save custom patterns?
Yes! You can save custom patterns and custom coverage options for any make/model.
What plotters do you support?

Graphtec 7000*, 8000, 8600 & 9000
*Graphtec 7000 functions are limited

Jaguar Puma IV & V

Roland CAMM-1 GR-420/540/640

*We have been successful with other plotter manufacturers that use HPGL communication language; please contact us for more details.
Is your software compatible with MAC Devices?
We are currently in the development process of becoming Mac compatible; check back with us soon!
How much does the software cost?
We are a subscription based service, you pay one low monthly access fee, with a small cut fee when you plot.
How often are you adding patterns?
We are adding new vehicles everyday!
How accurate are your patterns?
Every pattern on FILMWRAPS has been tested and verified by our design team and toleranced to meet the ever-changing demand of a more informed client base.


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Monday - Friday
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